Comprehensive European Research Report:

an in-depth qualitative analysis of the current situation, needs and challenges faced by DV survivors and their counsellors.

Good practice brochure:

giving insights for European and US practices in the field of successful support of survivors of domestic violence.

EMPROVE! First-Aid Manual:

guidelines for DV intervention in the early stages.

EMPROVE! Training Kit:

advanced level set of counselling and training materials for long-term work with DV survivors.

EMPROVE! Platform:

an online learning and social platform for support and exchange of ideas and information through gamification.

Network Guidelines:

for successful prevention and intervention of DV.

EMPROVE! Competence models and validation reference systems:

products encouraging the validation of the informally acquired competences in different learning projects of both survivors and counsellors using the LEVEL5 methodology.

Policy Paper

with recommendations for amendments in local and international policies and practices on DV prevention and intervention.

In addition:

Research Tools Templates:

interview guidelines and desk research templates, that could be transferred to future projects

EMPROVE! Train the trainer curriculum

giving unified structure of the adult education of counsellors, who implement the EMPROVE! Approach for DV intervention. We will use this product to train our international team of trainers and counsellors in the special EMPROVE approach, but it will also be available for future use in other countries.

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