The main goal of the EMPROVE foundation is to support women on their journey to self-discovery, confidence, empowerment and increased economic independence.

This is achieved through our unique online tool with gamified missions, individual support from trusted, dedicated mentors and networking with other women. All this combined with awareness raising and training measures for the whole supportive network of professionals, employers, public institutions, friends.


In addition, we strive increased empowerment through the improvement of:

The Support Of DV Survivors:

Supporting capacity building of front-line staff through the development of training and resources.

The Ability to Recognise the signs of Domestic Violence:

Organising special series of events for key stakeholders and police staff, medical workers etc. who should be able to recognise first signs of violence, even if the potential victim hasn’t spoken about it openly – the FRA survey confirms that “only 14 % of women reported their most serious incident of intimate partner violence”.

The Networking:

Bringing services and stakeholders together to make informed referrals and build communication in the fight against domestic violence.

Policy Making

on regional, national and transnational level in regard of DV prevention and intervention – as confirmed by the FRA director in 2014, change in the scope of laws and policies is needed.

EMPROVE uses the  Istanbul convention and Article 9 from the EU Victims’ Directive (2012) as a framework for the implementation of all intellectual outputs.