Games have the unique ability to engage people for long periods of time, develop their potential and build meaningful relationships between people and groups of people

Games focus on improving productivity and behaviour change.

Gamification is usually described as the use of game elements and game-design techniques in non-game contexts.

In the case of the current project, gamification and its powerful effects are used to engage the DV survivors in a long-term journey of empowerment, that combines solving different online or live missions and achievements, in addition to the face-to-face sessions with a counsellor.

The success of Gamification lies in its main principles, linked to motivational drives, which are common for most people:

Epic Meaning and the feeling for a bigger, inspirational purpose;

Development and Accomplishment;

Empowerment of Creativity;

Ownership and Possession;

Social Influence and Relatedness;

Unpredictability and Curiosity;

Yu-Kai Chou (2015)

The EMPROVE project entangles the power of Gamification into its training process in order to increase the level of engagement, intrinsic motivation and empowerment of the counselled women.

The benefits of this innovative approach are as following:

Increased long-term engagement;

Improved interpersonal relations;

Increased collaboration, performance, knowledge and satisfaction;

Improved innovation and creativity;

Accelerated learning;

The EMPROVE team strongly believes innovative approaches are needed in tackling social problems.

Support our innovative approach and dive into your gamified Journey of Empowerment!

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