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Exchange House Ireland – National Traveller Service

Exchange House Ireland (EHI) is the largest front-line service provider for the Traveller community in Ireland. Travellers are an ethnic minority group that experience discrimination, social exclusion, poverty, low educational attainment and poor health. EHI supports families through the provision of our four main services; Family Support and Crisis Intervention, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Education and Training, and their Children and Young People’s Service. EHI’s team of qualified, experienced and accredited professionals work with children, young people and adults. They also work on projects funded by the European Commission with partners across Europe in the areas of education, social inclusion, domestic violence, online learning, and best practice.

EHI has co-ordinated two international projects funded by the European Commission under the JUSTICE stream in the area of domestic violence.

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CATRO Bulgaria

CATRO is an international company for HR Consulting, which specializes in recruitment, training, organisational consulting, coaching and support for personal development, career counselling, and EU projects. CATRO’s young team of professionals knows all the secrets of the Recruitment and selection process and how to make the perfect match between the candidate and the most suitable employer.

Furthermore, as part of the international group of dieBerater, CATRO is member of the bridges to europe community. CATRO is successfully implementing projects in the field of labour market integration and support of disadvantaged groups, adult education, validation, entrepreneurship etc.

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Magenta Consultoria Projects

Magenta Consultancy is a Spanish gender and socio-cultural consultancy set in 2003. It is specialized on several fields related to social, education and health areas such as gender equality, violence prevention, drug prevention, socio-labour orientation programmes, etc. In the specific field of gender equality Magenta develops different kind of programmes no only for local and regional administrations, but also for NGOs. Mainly the actions designed and implemented by Magenta are focused on non-sexist language, gender equality promotion for children and adults, families’ schools to educate children in equal values, gender awareness programmes for the citizenship in general, self-steem and empowerement projects for women etc.

Considering the importance of developing comprehensive programmes in the previous fields, Magenta has a multidisciplinary team integrated by psychologists, social workers, pedagogues, philologists, educators, philosophers and lawyers all of them specialised in gender equality. All of them have also great expertise in gender equality promotion and violence prevention thanks to Magenta’s work, for instance,  in the Grudntvig Association “Sophie: developing women’s skills for the future labour market”; in the Gender Units for the Castilla La-Mancha government or in the Irene Programme promoted by the Spanish Women Institute and developed by Magenta in Carreño Town with the aim of preventing gender violence.

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Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas

Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 to assist people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged backgrounds (women victims of domestic violence, unemployed, older people in risk of exclusion, disabled, immigrants, single parents, people in remote areas) to make positive changes in their lives through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice.

Nowadays, SIF one of the leading Lithuanian non-governmental organisation for building democracy, protecting women human rights and equality, encouraging diversity and promoting the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups throughout Europe. SIF is active in lobbying for women human rights and is also a member of the Board of Lithuanian Women’s Lobby (LWL) which is the branch of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) organisation and unites around 40 women‘s NGOs. LWL has established the sub-network of NGOs active in preventing domestic violence against women.

SIF is actively engaged in influencing public policy in Lithuania while implementing the Law of Equal Opportunities for men and women, the Law on Equality and Anti-discrimination, as well the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence. In order to influence public policy regarding promotion of women human rights, gender equality and preventing any type of discrimination, SIF in cooperation with Lithuanian Women’s Lobby and other institutions has organized 12 European and 6 national conferences and has submitted 9 resolutions to Lithuanian Parliament.

SIF has over twenty years’ experience in managing EU projects acting as manager and coordinator in more than eighty EU projects.

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ANUP International

ANUP-International is an NGO working in the field of adult education and vocational training  mainly with European projects, addressing to its network of  popular universities all over Romania. Domains of activity: citizenship, literacy, social fields, foreign languages, etc.   ANUP -International maintains its cooperation with other networks and organisations, such as ministries, professional organisations, entreprises, working agencies at national and local level in order to facilitate through training and retraining the integration of the adults, especially those who are in difficult situation. Finances are coming mainly from European programs and sponsors.

In the projects ANUP-International is working with experts on different domains of activity.

ANUP-International worked in Sunia Geel and is working in Sunia Geel2 on domestic violence and cooperated with the governmental network of social assistance in about 15 counties in realizing the needs analysis presenting afterwards in 15 seminars its results. In this context ANUP-International did together with all the partners 30 training seminars with the social workers from 15 counties, campaigns of awareness raising on the topic of combating domestic violence elaborating and disseminating brochures and leaflets ( over 100 persons in the county of Ialomita -with a majority of Roma population ),  counselling sessions with victims, women and young people, children, art therapy sessions with women and children.

die Berater ®

“die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH ( focuses on adult education vocational training and human resources development. Founded in 1998 by Martin Röhsner, die Berater®  now employs 350 people in over 40 locations throughout Austria, with additional centres in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.  Planning, organising and running staff-development and education programmes for approx. 23,000 participants each year, die Berater® figures amongst the largest educational institutes in Austria.

Our services are aimed at private individuals, national and international companies and organisations in all sectors and of any size, as well as the public sector. die Berater’s main fields of activities are: Adult education, Outplacement and EU Projects and project consultancy (


BUPNET, founded in 1985, is an adult education provider accredited by the TÜV CERT according to the quality management standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. BUPNET’s mission is the promotion of innovation in education and training. BUPNET has successfully completed several training courses in various sectors (waste management, renewable energies, social and healthcare, tourism, economy, ICT, inclusion, communication etc.) both in the framework of European and national funded projects.

In 2001 BUPNET developed its own multilingual eLearning and collaboration platform that has been integral part of an awarded LIFE Environment project and various other EU- and national projects. BUPNET has considerable experience in (the coordination of) European projects on the theme of education, training and eLearning and possesses well-founded knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses, chances and limits of the “new ways of learning“ – especially regarding necessary specific blended learning didactics.

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